Thursday, February 21, 2013

ON HOLD-- Sorry

Hello all, I hope you are all still with us. It saddens me greatly that we have been down...because of me...Hubs is still in a facility...things are not great at home, either, for many reasons.  I am not in a great place right now, and would appreciate it SOOO much, if you weould all hang in there with me...I promise a new challenge will be soon. ONE would have already been here, except some teenager at the library snatched my flashdrive, that had all my images on it.  So I have to re do all that down loading etc.

I am still down a design member or 2, and really could use someone that is willing to be my asistant.
I understand my email account is not letting any emails through...this I can not explain at this moment. However, please know I am looking into issues and working on what I can...there really is just SOOOO much on my plate (pretty much all negative also). I will not go into things here, as to not bring anyone down.

If you are a "regular" or a friend, most of you know who I am on Facebook, so message me there if you wish to speak with me.
Thanks so much :)


Unknown said...

I watch until there are enough progression .
I think of you and pray for strength and patience.
Hell lots of love and see you soon.

Hazel said...

So sorry to hear that life is so difficult for you right now - hope things improve soon. x

Boat Bird said...

If theres anything I can do to help please just ask, I can do most things on my phone for now! Sending love as always xx kat xx

Boat Bird said...

Thinking of you, if there's anything I can do to help, please just ask. Sending love and light as always xx kat xx