Thursday, February 21, 2013

ON HOLD-- Sorry

Hello all, I hope you are all still with us. It saddens me greatly that we have been down...because of me...Hubs is still in a facility...things are not great at home, either, for many reasons.  I am not in a great place right now, and would appreciate it SOOO much, if you weould all hang in there with me...I promise a new challenge will be soon. ONE would have already been here, except some teenager at the library snatched my flashdrive, that had all my images on it.  So I have to re do all that down loading etc.

I am still down a design member or 2, and really could use someone that is willing to be my asistant.
I understand my email account is not letting any emails through...this I can not explain at this moment. However, please know I am looking into issues and working on what I can...there really is just SOOOO much on my plate (pretty much all negative also). I will not go into things here, as to not bring anyone down.

If you are a "regular" or a friend, most of you know who I am on Facebook, so message me there if you wish to speak with me.
Thanks so much :)