Saturday, January 26, 2013

Red Rover Winner and Runner up

Hi Everyone!  Hubs is still in the hospital, and I was also in for 4 days,
and I am still not right. :(

Anyway...we had a tie for I asked hubs to pick the name out of a hat while in the hospital.

and I am PLEASED to announce the WINNER of my little MAILBOX for the RED ROVER challenge is ANJA!!

here is her blog post:

and the runner up is KATY D. :)

here is her blog post:

Please ladies take your proper badges from our left side bar for your own blogs and Anja email me your mailing info :)
CONGRATS to you both, Susan and the girls!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Challenge #17...THE GAME is...Create a Christmas cracker (very late)

UPDATE: if we do not get at least 3 more players...there will be no prize drawing or badges given out. sorry, it has to be fair.

I am sooo very sorry to be late again...I am still dealing with hubs, my own getting sick, my internet port dying, and a couple of late entries.
OVERALL we are rolling right along, though, and I am looking forward to a new year. HOPEFULLY it will be a lot less dramatic!

I will be having this challenge and the next challenge...posting soon...end at the same time, roughly. GOOD LUCK!!

I am at the public library and it is limiting what I can and can not do on the blog.  so I am sorry if this print is tiny.

PLEASE create a CHRISTMAS CRACKER, utilizing a paper towel or Toilet paper roll. this is a Salute to all our UK players and DT members!

The winner of this challenge will win MY Cracker, which is filled with stuff, and there will be more stuff in the box with it! they are!

Chrislyn~  Santa baby cracker
Wendy~ lovely vintage cracker
Susan~ JOY Cracker, with removable Bird tree ornament
Kathryn~ a whole bunch of crackers!