Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello everyone. :)

first of all, I can not tell you how sorry I am for this lateness. There has been so much going on behind the scenes, and not all good.  
June is dealing with  a very ill mom and dad. Anita has to leave for a while for  surgery and recovery and my hubs as you know has not been very strong. In fact he fell twice this past weekend.

so first....ROUND BALLY, ROUND

Winner.... Marianne!!! Please take the winners badge and email me your address for a prize.

Runner-up....Gina!!!! please take your runner-up badge! 

and...Four Squares 

Winner...Marianne (again) :)  !!!!  Please take your winners badge, and email me your address (both prizes will be sent together)

Runner-up(s)...we have a TIE...so, 2 runners-up....
Kathryn and Nazneen...Please both of you take our runner up badge for your blog!! 


Unknown said...

Hi :))

Was awaiting the results anxiously !!

Thank you so so so much!! for liking my project!!


Wendy said...

Susan...sorry your life and the design team members have been chaotic lately...if you need me to fill in as a guest designer at any time, please let me know...i can whip something up for a new challenge post...you know how to email me, lol! Wendy~http://wendylynnspaperwhims.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

O, what a lucky guy I am, super happy also!

Gina said...

Hahaha...hadn't realised you hadn't chosen winners yet for these challenges :D Thank you for the recognition :D XXX

Katy said...

Congrats to the winners! I am so sorry to here about your husband and hope he recovers soon. And hope things get better for June and Anita as well. :)

Boat Bird said...

Awesome, thank you so much!!!

Julia said...

Congrats to all the winners!